Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time Flies...but not when you are eating Dhall Bhat...

The past few weeks have been filled with getting to know Nepal, the people, the scenery the food and becoming accustomed to cars beeping every two seconds...I am not joking when I say they may as well just have a switch to turn the horn on in the morning and turn it off at night...I can’t believe how fast time has gone and that I have been here for 4 weeks already.

So I thought I would do a catch up on the past 4 weeks, beginning with how we took some of the children swimming for the first time! One of the volunteers here raised a whole lot of money to take the children on some excursions because most of the time they do not leave the compound of the orphanage/school. The children were given a choice between 3 activities, going to a movie, going to the zoo and going swimming. I joined in on the swimming and zoo excursions! At first I was a little apprehensive about how swimming would go, bearing in mind that these children had never seen a swimming pool before, let alone got into one, but they were so excited! When we arrived to a somewhat over chlorinated pool (probably a good thing though for over here) the children were very eager to get in and had so much fun! Something as simple to us as going for a swim brightened up their lives!

Excursion number 2 was to the zoo, and the children that did this excursion also had a ball, as did the volunteers! Here are some pictures of my little group of kids that I went around the zoo with, wearing their uniforms that were donated by a previous volunteer from Australia. I would like to add that ordering chilli french fries for lunch was not my best decision...eww doesn’t begin to describe it...never fear Dhall Bhatt for dinner...

my little group of kids

not exactly what i expected....

going on a ride
outta my way people!!!

On Friday we ended our week of excursions and the 1 week of holidays with a party. The kids were in their element as we cranked up Justine Beiber and the world cup anthem, (I might mention that to the volunteer’s upmost enthusiasm we listen to these two songs about 10 times daily....good preparation though for the future)...we played musical chairs, limbo and bought chips, soft drink and lollies for the kids, which of course went down very well indeed, a great time was had by all and put a smile on all of our faces.

Water balloons for a water fight

Got drenched!

Giving out snacks

tug of war

playing musical chairs

On one of the weekends Sam and I decided to go to ‘The Last Resort’, which is all about adventure thrill seeking endeavours like the world’s second highest bungee being the thrill seekers we are we jumped on that bus at the wonderful hour of 5 am for a 4 hour bus trip to our location and strapped on our bungee cords and yelled ‘Geronimooooo’ on the way down....oh want the real version...ok ok...Sam barley made it over the bridge, I didn’t really have a problem with the bridge myself but was more than happy to accept the fact that God created gravity for a reason and I would leave others to play games with it...and we took the thrilling opportunity to relieve some of the tension gained from walking across the bridge with a massage and sun tanning session by the plunge pool...where Sam got third degree burns and I...well stayed the same really! Our accommodation was really fun! It was camping but in style, with tents equipped with beds and overlooking the jungle and river, really beautiful.

The bridge


Our 4.5 hour journey home was bound to be eventful and it didn’t disappoint really when we found ourselves nearly falling off the side of a cliff when our bus got bogged in a landslide! Meanwhile I was half asleep and awoke to people screaming and shouting ‘get off the bus’....I was quite relaxed really, 2 hours of listening to savage garden will do that to you, so in a calm and collected manner I got off the bus stepping into ankle deep mud to realise that we very nearly did roll down a hill into a raging river...but never fear the armed police arrived with shovels to dig us out, and after 40 minutes we were on our way again!

Ok I will end here, internet is slow as a wet week over here so will update again soon

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