Sunday, August 8, 2010

I like to keep you waiting... :)

not really...
I's been like 5 years in the making...but internet accesss is a rarity in Nepal so let's just pretend that I am still in Sri Lanka and by the time I get home maybe I'll start writing about Nepal ;)

Post Cards From Sri Lanka- Reunions don't you just luv em!

I am quite hopeless at updating this blog and it’s been some time now since I arrived in Sri Lanka.
So after planes and vans...comes the train ride from Colombo to Kandy is definitely worth doing if you ever plan on visiting Sri Lanka. My Mum’s good friend Agnes accompanied me by train to loaded up with luggage for the next two weeks we proceeded to the train station and looked for the carriage...carriage normally we would think....B comes between A and C...but after walking past A and C and D.....I started to wonder whether B had been left behind...but never fear...B was here...naturally right after E!!!....As the journey commenced a good nap was required... the morning person that I am (not)...6am is more like the middle of the night in my world.....But let me just give you a glimpse of the magnificent view that I was treated to....So worth it....

Now this worth waking up to...even for a non-morning person!

3 hours later we arrived and a joyful reunion followed as my childhood friend Miss Stephanie Rubesh met me at the station...Steph is here with her friend Alissa for their summer break....from this point the weeks were filled with much...much being chatter and chatter and more chatter...daily breaks at the juice bar that makes the most amazing Mango juice ever...and my favourite past time...Coffee! I was also treated to a few hours of the CIS cricket match...being the good Australian and Sri Lankan I am...I had no idea what was going on...nevertheless I joined in with the cheers...Sri Lankans definitely know how to cheer...complete with musical accompaniment, face paint and dancing!

Melisa Alisa and Steph

The Match

The first week I joined Steph and Alisa at the Street children’s centre which was really great. The children win your heart immediately as they run and give you hugs and want you to play with them. My time was mostly spent with the babies who were also full of smiles and constantly wanted your attention.

One in particular stole the show for me a little boy...about 10 months old, his name is Danushka and he loves music and people singing and lights up when you dance or clap your hands...he still hasn’t learned how to clap yet but his smile I want to bottle and keep it for a rainy day. See for yourself

Danushka and Me

The kids also go on a daily outing for play time outside...We were assigned 2 or 3 children each and losing them would be hard as a stream of matching yellow t-shirts with ‘You Are Special’ add more colour to the bustling city and certainly draw a considerable amount of attention from the local crowds. So traipsing around Kandy town with two tiny tots knee high to a grasshopper was something in deed...particularly because shoes for them are more of a fascination and toy rather than a common item of every five minutes the shoe ceremony of slowing down to find the lost shoe would commence. After about 3 of these episodes it’s time to say goodbye to shoes and walk barefoot in order to get to the designated play area before Christmas!!!
Those beloved little shoes

The kids love play time and there were many moments I found myself marvelling at how content they are to make up stories and games about carting sand from one place to another...or beaming from ear to ear when I tied a rock to a stick and made a ‘fishing rod’...these kids are so happy with so little! The days go fast when you are having fun and before long my week with the kids was over...a sad moment become their friend so quickly!

Always ready for a photo
busy playing games
Well this will do for now...stay tuned for the next instalment of my trip down South to Berruwella Beach...oh and we can’t forget about the Danish boy I shared a room with...

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  1. That Danish, now, dont give your dear mother a heart attack.

    He was handsome though, what? :-)

    More, more, more!!! You are a marvelous writer my love.