Saturday, August 14, 2010

My last blog about Sri Lanka and I promise I will get to Nepal...but I can't leave you without details of the beach trip...

Sri Lankans like early mornings....the train journey started at the crack of dawn...but after a good cup of coffee the three of us were chipper as chipper as one can be at 5:30 am...but the end result of sitting by a pool soaking up the sun was on our mind and early mornings could therefore be forgiven! Off we went...and again the cameras came out to marvel at Gods great creation. I can tell you the scenery never gets boring...particularly as it accompanies the antics of these two right here!!! Steph worked that attitude mid stance sitting pose thingy she had going on...

When we arrived in Colombo we got ripped off by the trishaw driver because we’re included seeing as my language skills are shamefully rather lacking and proceeded to have tea and juice at a local hotel. After our lovely interlude overlooking the beach, Stephs parents and brother arrived and it was time for the rest of the 2 hour trip to the beach...packed like sardines into the car...we all got even more acquainted with each other...which for the 5 foot nothing I am was not really that much of an issue...but I did feel for Stephs ‘little brother’....little as in 6 foot something ridiculous...who also had to share the back with the three of us girls! But nevertheless we managed and made it to the beach...unfolded ourselves out of the car and put on our tourist hats!

After a long journey nothing seemed like a better idea than checking out the lunch menu...a good bite to eat and we decided that a siesta was the right idea! About an hour into our sleep a knock at the door awoke me from my slumber...the room attendant informed me he would be brining my bed in a half hour....1 and half hours later the room attendant burst into the room and ran back out again after seeing that we were all which point I decided it would be Christmas before my bed arrived so I proceeded to run after him....He kindly informed me that my bed was arriving...then decided that it would a great opportunity to play 20 questions...starting with ‘where are you from’....and what do you do in Australia.... ‘are you married....(in reference to) the Danish boy you are sleeping next to’..... Now this was certainly news to me....not only was there a Danish boy in my room...but I was sleeping next to him. Let me now introduce you to him.... Danish room mate
Ta daa.... 1 Danish boy of extra large proportions taking up approximately three quarters of the bed....I know it really can be easy to confuse these two for 1 Danish boy....the blond hair must give them the added ‘Danish’ look...And there you have it that gave me more than enough to laugh about for the rest of the afternoon.

But the comedy didn’t stop there...the next one took place right here... on our trip to Galle...the historical Dutch fort definitely must be on the list of places to visit in Sri Lanka to get a glimpse of the colonial history of Sri Lanka.

We found a Dutch Reformed Church to have a look all of us pulled our cameras out we heard clapping....shortly followed by running in our direction..a man sternly informing us that we couldn’t take what do I do when told I can’t do something I do it anyway...the clapping accelerated and by this stage the man was standing well within my personal space I decided to argue with him exasperation of my arguing he informed me that I could take photos for 100 rupees...I wasn’t going to let him I paid my 100 rupees and got some nice pics! Take a look...



The rest of the trip was all about relaxing by the pool...the weather unfortunately let us down a little with not a lot of sunshine...although I still managed to get a ;) and it was ofcourse still warm enough to swim and have a pina colada or two by the pool...and a dip in the ocean where we were more than entertained by the local tourist attractions!

we stumbled upon a local beach photo shoot...I think they were going for 'how to impersonate a shell'...

Offcourse us girls managed to get lured into some shopping therapy...beach front shopping...could a girl ask for more?

And so that was the beach trip!
Ok well I seriously would like to write more about Sri Lanka...but seeing as I have now been in Nepal for 2 weeks I need to progress really....because there is so much more to say...
I will end with some more pics of the rest of our trip

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