Saturday, July 31, 2010


I begin this blog pondering and wondering how far I will get...because being the perfectionist I am, I do somewhat have a penchant for pressing the ‘delete’ button regularly in the attempt to ‘perfect’ my prose. One would think that considering I have written a journal since I was 10 a blog would be quite a natural transition, however this is not as straight forward as it appears. You see journaling has always involved pen and paper and when you write you don’t have a delete button, apart from the option of crossing out what you have written, or the dreaded use of ‘white out’, both of which are strongly avoided by perfectionists for the obvious reason that crossing out and ‘white out’ do nothing to make the page look appealing! And well for this perfectionist, the appeal of a beautifully written page is highly favoured and therefore ‘what’s written is written’...Nevertheless I will give ‘blogging’ a patient and kind to me ‘cyber space’....because the posts may be far between...but hopefully not few!

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